Teaching Kids Key Life Learnings from 100 Biblical Characters: No. 39 – Eli

What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Eli?

Context (1 Samuel 1-4):  Eli was a priest and was a judge over Israel for 40 years.  Although Eli looked good on the outside, he had some serious troubles at home.  He did not discipline his sons and they became very wicked.

Key Life Learnings:

If we don’t discipline our children, their will be serious consequences (1 Samuel 1-4):  When Eli grew old and his sons took over leading Israel, they continually did evil in the sight of God.  When Eli tried to speak with them, they ignored him because he had not disciplined them when they were young.  Because of the evil of Eli’s sons, God predicted to Eli that they would both die on the same day.

And it came to pass that the ark of God was captured by the Philistines and his two sons were killed on the same day.  After hearing that news, Eli fell over backward and broke his neck and died.

These are important words for parents.  It is hard to discipline children and they don’t like it when we do.  But the consequences of not doing it are grave.  Their lives will be impacted and so will the lives of those people around them.

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