Teaching Kids Key Life Learnings from 100 Biblical Characters: No. 46 – Michal

Michal David's bride

What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Michal?

Context (1 Samuel 14 – 2 Samuel 6):  Michal was the daughter of king Saul.  David fought and killed 100 Philistines in order to have her hand in marriage.  Michal loved David, but did not love God the way David did.  When the ark of God was brought back to Jerusalem, David danced before the Lord and all the people in only his linen ephod.  Michal looked out the window and saw David dancing and she was embarrassed for herself and the shame she thought David was bringing on their house.  When she confronted David, he told her that because of His love for God and all the blessings God had given him, David was willing to go to any lengths to honor the Lord, even if it made him look humble and undignified.

Key Life Learnings:

If we are not willing to be fools for God, maybe we are just fools (2 Samuel 6):  Michal was more concerned about her own image and the image of her family than glorifying God.  She acted foolishly by criticizing her husband king David, for dancing before the Lord with all his might.

Sometimes God asks us to show our love for Him in a way that others might misunderstand.  At that point we have to decide, what is more important to me, how I am perceived by the world or by God.  In the end the only audience that really matters is God.

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