Teaching Kids There Are Abundant Blessings Following God

Blessings of God

God’s abundant blessings are there for the asking, but are we really helping our kids to see that? Or are we instead giving them a list of rules, don’t do this and that. Why not ask them, “Why would you want to lye which has such horrible consequences when you can use your gift of story telling to write a best selling book?”

Why not help them to see that they have been given gifts by God and if they choose to use them for His purpose then they will get great blessing. Unfortunately if they use their gifting to just get that temporary worldly gain they will have to walk out all of the consequences. The blessing are still there on the other end if they turn around and start using their gifting the way God designed them but the road called “detour” can be very painful and messy.

So why detour? Let’s help our kids to have enough struggle in their life at a young age with chores and responsibilities that they will understand the pain of negative consequences. And when they do go off track, as we all do let our focus be on a gifting that has been misused rather then the “badness” of behavior or personhood. Hopefully as we all get more in touch with how it is all about love with God we will want more of His blessings.

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