Teaching Our Kids How To Listen To A Sermon

Teaching Kids how to listen to a sermon

Have you ever thought about the need to teach your kids how to listen to a sermon. We teach them how to ride a bike, how to put their tie their shoelaces, how to talk to adults, shouldn’t we as Christian parents teach our kids how to list to a sermon.  This is a life skill that will have eternal implications.

I realized that no one ever taught me how. I remembered how as a child I watch this one kid sit so still and focus and I assumed that was the way to really listen to a sermon. Of course I could never do that, so I failed.

As Christian parents we believe that we should understand how our children learn then encourage them to adapt their learning style to their environment.

For those that learn orally, make sure you process the pastors message with them after the sermon. What were the stories they took home? During the sermon encourage them to write questions down they don’t understand so that you can process them later. What is God teaching them?

For those that are visual learners this could be hard if the sermon doesn’t have anything overhead but is in a lecture style. Encourage them to draw a picture about one concept of the sermon to help them remember what God might be saying to them.

Finally for those that are kinesthetic learners, help them to figure what they can do after the sermon that will help the message to sink in. What does God want them to do with the info? I would also encourage them to write or draw out the things that are being said.

As Christian parents it is our privilege to help  kids to understand their unique style of learning and then encourage them to listen to God and to be open to what He is saying.

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  3. What a thought provoking post. We’ve been taking our oldest in with us and I have actually been praying and brainstorming how to help my almost 8 year old garner what he can from the sermon.

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