Teaching Teens That ‘Yes’ Is ‘Yes’ And ‘No’ Is ‘No’

In a world of grey where nothing seems to matter, how do we teach our teens to let their ‘YES’ be ‘YES’ and their ‘NO’ be ‘NO.’  In the Bible both in Matt 5:37 and James 5:12 these words are emphasized.  Here are some thoughts on how to do this.

Model these verses in our lives. Wow that is a hard one.  When we say we are going to do something, we follow through. We need to be careful with our No’s as well. No means NO.  No you can’t skip out on dinner every night. No I am not going to run to the school if you forgot your homework. It is so easy to continually let our kids push us, but for them to learn that No means No, we need to have self control in our lives.

This whole process requires a great maturity to learn to speak slowly so we think things through before we commit to a YES or NO. Remember the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit is self control. Pray and ask God to help you slow down and seek God before making a commitment.  Show your teens how you are thoughtful about your words. 

One final thought on teaching our teens is to model for them how we have people in our lives that hold us to the high standard of letting our YES be YES and our NO be NO. Although much of the culture says it doesn’t matter, God says it is important to our souls. Help them to see that when our words are sloppy then our soul gets week. We are really robbing ourselves. Talk to them about the friends in your life that you share with that will ask you the tough questions, keep us faithful to our commitments.

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