Teaching Your Kids To See God’s Work Through Prayer

A great way to teach your kids to see God’s work through prayer is to have them write their prayer requests down.  This allows kids to remember what they prayed for and then when something is answered they can see that prayer really is powerful.

One way to make this a fun activity is to buy a white board and have your kids decorate it.    At the top write “Prayer Requests for Tomorrow”.   Each night when your kids are saying their night time prayers have them write on the board prayers that are specific for tomorrow.  Then the next night you can sit down with them and talk through what God did that day.

This activity does two things that are really important.  First, it teaches your children that God listens to our prayers.  Secondly, it allows for a time each day when your family is talking about how God worked in their lives that day.  And isn’t that the most important kind of conversation we can possibly have with our kids.

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