The Bible Says Love Is…..Getting Involved!

Family Activities

Kids know the value having their parents participate in their activities. This is evident in Jesus’ day when he went out on his disciples boats to help them with their fishing.

Just imagine how it felt for the disciples to have Jesus their leader, willing to come and participate in their daily activities! I think they must have known through his actions how much Jesus loved them.

I watched my dad coach many different teams and participate in all my little brothers sporting events growing up. It wasn’t something that he had to do but something he wanted to do because he loved his son. And come to think of it he sat through countless plays, ballet recitals, and choir concerts for both my sister and I. We were so confident in our dad’s love because he showed us how great it was through the way he participated in our lives.

So my challenge to you is to get involved in your kids activities and events. They don’t even have to be organized events. Try doing a craft project together or watch a movie. It’s the little actions that show the most love!

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