The Big Idea Of 1 Peter Is How To Endure Suffering Triumphantly



Peter writes in this book to Christians to instruct them how to endure suffering triumphantly.

It is easy to forget who’s you are and what your purpose is when you are undergoing suffering.

Peter wrote to a broad group of Christians who were experiencing suffering for their faith.  Instead of feeling bad about it, Peter encourages them to rejoice.  Why rejoice?  Because they are sharing in the sufferings of Jesus.

He provides practical advice on how to live triumphantly while undergoing sufferings.  He tells them to live holy lives as God’s children, separate from the evil of the world, put your faith only in God, love one another, study God’s word, submit to the government, and husbands love your wives and vice versa.

Finally Peter encourages the Christians that suffering and resisting evil will bring about for them strength and maturity.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

  1. Find an article about how some Christian group is suffering for their faith.  Share this with your children and ask them if they have suffered for their faith.  Maybe they have had someone make fun of them or they just feel different because they are a Christian.  Read them 1 Peter 4:12, 13.  Explain that Jesus suffered too and that they can actually rejoice in suffering because God is going to use it for His glory.  Pray with your kids for their suffering and for other Christians who are suffering.  Rejoice also for how God is going to use it.

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