The Big Idea Of 1 Thessalonians Is Believer’s Are To Live Holy Lives Because Christ Is Returning

1 Thessalonians- Illustrations

1 Thessalonians- Illustrations

Paul wrote to the Thessalonians to encourage them to live holy lives because Christ is going to return.

The way we look at the future molds how we live today.

Paul writes about 6 months after he had left the Thessalonian church.  One main theme he writes about is the day of Christ’s return.  They will not know when that day will come, but they are to live holy lives preparing for it because it could be today.

Paul also writes to commend them for their holy living, to encourage them in trials, and to instruct them that those who die before Christ’s return will be raised up with Him when He returns.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

  1. Ask your kids how the bad news that the media continually sends our way makes them feel?  Tell them that 1 Thessalonians (God’s media) teaches that they can be encouraged by the fact that Christ will return some day. He will set everything right and will establish His kingdom.  Thank God for that together.

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