The Big Idea Of 2 Chronicles Is The Continuing Story Of Reminding God’s People Of The Importance Of Worship



As indicated in 1 Chronicles Blog, the books of Chronicles are all about worship.  Specifically encouraging God’s people to rebuild the temple and worship there once they have been released from captivity in Babylon and come back to their Promised Land.  

The first section of 2 Chronicles focuses on king Solomon and all of the work that he did to build the temple and to establish godly worship there.  The incredible wealth and manpower that went into the construction of the temple demonstrate the value of God’s faithfulness and presence to the people.  This was to remind the people how great the temple was before so they would want to rebuild it.  

The second section provides a list of all the kings of Judah (the northern kingdom of Israel no longer existed by this time) and how those who were obedient were blessed and those who were disobedient were cursed.  This reminded God’s people of the importance of following God and worshipping Him in the temple when they returned to the land if they wanted His blessing.    

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

Reminding your kids of their history is important.  Tell your kids of their family history and parts where God’s faithfulness is evident.  

Have your kids tell their own story from the past week or year and how God has been faithful and then thank Him.    


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