The Big Idea Of 2 John Is To Walk In Love and Reject False Teachers



John writes this little letter to instruct the church to reject false teachers and to encourage them to walk in love.

At the time of John’s writing, there were false teachers traveling around and teaching that Jesus did not come in the flesh.  They would ask to stay at a church member’s home and then teach these lies.

John writes to warn the church about these false teachers and instruct the church not to let these men into their homes.  The church should instead focus on the truth of Christ’s love, grace, mercy and peace.

John also commends the church for their wonderful love for one another and encourages them to continue to walk in Christ’s love.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

  1. Ask your kids how they know that you love them.  They may answer; “because you tell me, or hug me, or cook for me, etc”.  Tell them that we know Jesus loves us because the Bible says that He came down to this earth in the flesh, cared for people, healed people, and died for us.  He also rose from the dead in a body and then went to heaven.  That is truth.  Jesus loves us.  Anyone who says differently is telling a lie.  Sing “Jesus Loves Me, This I know”.

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