The Big Idea Of 2 Samuel Is The Story Of King David, An Imperfect King With A Heart For God



2 Samuel tells the story of David who was an imperfect king that God used anyway because David had a heart to repent of his many sins and to seek after God.

 Saul dies at the end of 1 Samuel and now in the beginning of 2 Samuel David is crowned king.  This book tells the story of all the good things that David did and also the poor choices that me made the consequences.  All the while God was with David because he was a man after God’s own heart.  

 David consolidates the kingdom.  David brought all the 12 tribes of Israel together under his leadership and established the Jerusalem as the nations religious and civil center.  

 The Davidic Covenant (Promise) established.  Liked the promise God made to Abraham in Genesis, God promises to establish David’s kingdom forever and to give him rest from his enemies and to never remove His lovingkindness.  

 David’s defeat of his enemies.  David was a great warrior and military leader and his armies defeated all the surrounding armies. 

 David’s great sin and repentance. David makes the terrible choice of having a relationship with Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife.  To make matters worse David has Uriah killed.  Finally David repents and is restored but not without the consequence of the death of his son.  

 Key New Testament Kids Application:

Remind your kids that like David, God is not looking for perfect people to use, just honest people who are truly sorry when they sin.  When you pray with your kids, be willing to confess your own sins and praise God for His forgiveness.  

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