The Big Idea Of Daniel Is The Story Of God’s Authority Over The Nations



Even while God’s people were captive in Babylon, God used one of these people named Daniel to show His authority over the Babylonians and over the future nations of the world.

When Daniel was a young man, he along with the rest of God’s people were taken into captivity to Babylon.  While there, Daniel along with three of his friends and many other young men were selected to serve the king of Babylon.  The young men were put through intense schooling and physical training to learn their new jobs.  Daniel and his three friends refused to eat the meat, fancy diet and wine that the young men were given to strengthen them.  Instead they chose only vegetables and water to honor the Lord.  Because they chose to honor God, God gave Daniel and his friends more wisdom, knowledge and strength than the other young men.  Daniel used this great wisdom from God to help the king. He revealed the mystery behind one of the king’s dreams.  The king honored Daniel by making him one of his most trusted advisors.

Throughout this book, Daniel encouraged God’s captive people to not give up hope. He spoke about God’s authority over all the nations and every situation.  God gave Daniel visions of these future kingdoms that he shared with God’s people.

Daniel encourages the people for 70 years in Babylonian captivity.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

Remind your kids that God likes it when we honor Him.  Have your children choose to honor God with some activity in their lives (studying for a test, being kind to a friend, caring for someone less fortunate, etc.). Record how God honors that activity.

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