The Big Idea Of Ecclesiastes Is The Story Of Solomon Trying To Find A Meaningful Life Apart From God And Finding Only Frustration

Ecclesiastes Cartoon Illustration

Ecclesiastes Cartoon Illustration

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon tries every possible way to find a meaningful life apart from God and finds only frustration and failure.

The word Ecclesiastes means “The Preacher”.  The author is Solomon and he writes from his own experience.  Ecclesiastes is Solomon’s warning to all who follow; you will not find satisfaction and meaning in life by trying to please yourself out of the world’s treasure chest.  Ecclesiastes is a wisdom book like Proverbs.

Solomon describes many of the things he has tried to find meaning; looking for the new cool thing, amassing human wisdom, seeking pleasure and wealth, materialism, political success, pagan worship, evil pursuits, and concludes that all these are meaningless and frustrating apart from knowing God.

Solomon describes how God made man to seek Him and will only find joy and rest when man pursues God.  Then man can enjoy his life and labor as a gift from God.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

The world will entice your kids to spend their time, energy and money on what is has to offer.  Demonstrate for your children how your satisfaction comes from the things of God, e. g – talking to Him, studying Him, serving Him and others, loving one another.  Ask your kids how satisfied they feel after watching too much T.V., shopping all day, playing video games, surfing the web, etc.  Show them what Solomon tried and concluded.

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