The Big Idea Of Ezekiel Is The Story Of Future Restoration



Ezekiel warned God’s People living in Jerusalem that they would be destroyed if they didn’t stop sinning.  Later after they were destroyed,  Ezekiel gave the people hope that God would forgive them and restore their nation in the future.

Ezekiel lived during the same time as Jeremiah.  He grew up in Jerusalem prior to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians.  He used this time to warn them about the destruction that would come because of their disobedience.

After the destruction did come, Ezekiel, which means “God strengthens”, went with God’s people into exile to Babylon.  There he encouraged them not to give up hope. God would someday restore Israel and bring a magnificent kingdom that would make all other kingdoms seem like nothing in comparison.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

God has a wonderful plan for the life of every single person.  Tell your kids when they are down that you want to be like Ezekiel and encourage them that God has something just over the next hill that He wants to bless them with.

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