The Big Idea Of Ezra Is The Story Of The Return Of God’s People To The Land And Renewed Worship



The book of Ezra describes the return of God’s People from captivity in Persia to their Promised Land. It also describes the rebuilding of the temple and the renewal of worship.  

At the end 2 Chronicles, God stirs up to king of Persia to support the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.  The king calls for volunteers to return and build it.  The book of Ezra describes the return, and the rebuilding. It also shows how Ezra the priest called the people to turn their hearts back to God.

The first group to go back to Jerusalem was lead by a man named Zerubbabel. He guides God’s people to reconstruction of the temple. 

Later Ezra leads a another group back to Jerusalem.  God uses him to encourage the people to confess their sins and to recommit themselves to follow God’s laws.  

Key New Testament Kids Application:

Ezra reminds your kids that God can even turn an unbelieving king’s heart to do His will.  Remind them that no matter what circumstance they are in, God is in control. 

Confession is always the beginning of a change of heart. Show your kids how you confess when you do wrong. Tell them how good you feel when you experience Jesus’ forgiveness.    

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