The Big Idea Of Habakkuk Is The Questions He Asks God



Habakkuk represents all of us who question God why something is or is not happening in our lives.  No wonder we call Micah “The Questioning Prophet” in our book, Hooked On The Book.

Habakkuk asked God two questions:

  1. Why does God let the evil being done by His people go unpunished?

 God’s Response:  I am going to use the Chaldean’s to discipline my people.

2. How could God use the Chaldean’s, a people even more evil than God’s people, to     discipline His own people?

God’s Response:  I am ultimately in control and everyone will get their just reward.  Trust me on this.

After listening carefully and hearing God’s responses, Habakkuk stops his questions and spends the rest of his book praising God and expressing his faith in who God is and in God’s plan.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

  1. God is not afraid of having anyone ask Him questions and in fact encourages it.  Talk to your kids about what questions they may want to ask God about their lives or the world around them.  Then talk to God and ask Him those questions.  Don’t forget to stop and listen for God’s answers.

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