The Big Idea Of Haggai Is Encouragement By God To Rise Up And Rebuild His Temple



Haggai encouraged God’s people when they had returned from captivity to their Promised Land, to rise up and rebuild the temple that had been destroyed.

When God brought His people back from captivity in Babylon they neglected worship in favor of their own selfish activities.

One sign of this was their unwillingness to finish rebuilding the temple, the place where God had promised to meet them.  They had started and laid the foundation for the temple, but enemy opposition and focus on themselves stopped the work for 15 years. As a result of their disobedience they were experiencing a drought and a poor economy.

Haggai encouraged God’s people to turn back to God and to rebuild the temple so that they could worship, enjoy their relationship with God and experience His blessings.

That is why in our children’s book, Hooked On The Book, we called Haggai “The Encourager Prophet”.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

  1. Even for kids, it is easy to get busy in life going to school, playing with friends, doing sports or practicing an instrument.  The day gets so filled up that they don’t remember that God is the center of their lives.  Set aside some time at breakfast to talk about how God is the center of the upcoming day. Pray together as a family to God to ask for His blessing.

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