The Big Idea Of Isaiah Is The Story Of Salvation From Sin

Isaiah- Illustration

Isaiah- Illustration

The prophet Isaiah spoke to Judah and warned them regarding their sin against God but gave them a future hope that God would save them if they turned back to Him.

The prophet’s name “Isaiah” means “Yahweh (God) Saves”.  Isaiah warned the Kings of the southern nation of Judah that they needed to turn the nation back to God.  They needed to stop making deals with foreign nations to protect them and to turn instead to God who would ultimately protect them.

When Isaiah was ignored, God gave Isaiah the ability to see into the future of Judah’s Babylonian captivity and to speak words of comfort to those future exiles.  He indicated that God would bring them back into the Promised Land and most importantly that God would provide a Savior who would save the people from their sins.

Isaiah delivered prophecies about Jesus the Savior over and over in his book.  He spoke in detail of what the Savior would be like and many details of the Savior’s life.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

Read Isaiah 9:1-7 to your children or have them read it and pick out all the things that describe Jesus.  Ask them how these things gave Judah hope.  Ask them how these things give them hope.

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