The Big Idea Of James Is That Genuine Faith Is Accompanied By Good Works



James wrote to the Hebrew Christians that the proof of their genuine faith in Christ would be their good works.

James wanted to encourage a group of Hebrew Christians who were undergoing trials and as a result had grown discouraged and their faith was sick and weak.

James reminded them to rejoice in trials that would build their faith.  This genuine, growing faith would be evidenced by good works.  James gives examples of these good works; not being shaken by difficulty, resisting temptation, meeting the needs of  the poor, controlling the tongue, patience towards one another and prayerful lives.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

  1. Ask your kids what trial they are currently going through.  Ask them if they have thanked God for it.  Tell them that trials can make their faith grow and strengthen them to serve God.  Pray with them and thank God for their trial and ask God to help their faith grow through this trial.

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