The Big Idea Of Jeremiah Is The Story Of A Rejected Prophet

When God called Jeremiah, Jeremiah reluctantly took up the task of warning God’s People to turn from sin and follow God.



God called Jeremiah as a young man to be a prophet and he was afraid. But that did not stop him for speaking for the Lord. He spoke to Judah and to the surrounding nations for 40 years.

Jeremiah spoke out against willful sin, idolatry, breaking the God’s covenant and false prophets.  He spoke to them about God’s judgment for their sins.

When the nation of Judah was taken captive to Babylon, Jeremiah stayed behind in Jerusalem and continued to prophecy to the people.  He told them to submit to the Babylonians and to follow God. If they did this God would bring them back to their own land once again.

Jeremiah was hated by the priests and the false prophets and they continually sought to put him to death, but God spared Jeremiah.

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