The Big Idea Of Joel Is The Story Of Judgment On The Wicked



Joel told God’s people that judgment would surely come on the wicked and that God would save His people and bless them in the future.  

Joel used a devastating locust plague to prophesy that judgment would fall on evil doers and to warn them to turn back to God.  That is why in our book, Hooked On The Book, we called Joel “The Big Bug Prophet”. 

When the locusts had swarmed over their country and every bit of food had been eaten and all the crops had been stripped bare, God’s people were angry and were crying out in pain, Joel reminded them of two things: 

  1. They should cry out to God for forgiveness and He would hear them and bless them.
  2. In the future there would come a day that God would judge all the wicked on the earth and at the same time He would save and bless all the people who cried out to Him and turned from their sins.  

Joel spoke warning and encouragement to the people because God loved them.  

Key New Testament Kids Application:

When catastrophe strikes, your kids can trust God.  God is right there with the people in the catastrophe.  Look in the newspaper and find a major catastrophe and remind your kids that God can take even painful things and make them into good.  He loves every person involved in that catastrophe. We can do our part in bringing God’s love to a catastrophe by praying and meeting the physical needs of the people. 

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