The Big Idea Of Jonah Is The Story Of God’s Love For All People



God’s big plan is not only for His people, but it includes His mercy toward all people who repent and turn to Him.

One of the wickedest neighbors of God’s people lived in a city called Nineveh.  It was a huge walled city and about 120,000 people lived there.  Jonah the prophet hated the Ninevites and wanted God to destroy them.

Then one day God tells Jonah to go to Nineveh and warn them to repent and turn to Him so He can shower His love and mercy on them.  Jonah does not want to do this. He is angry. So he flees from God while on a boat.  Eventually God gets Jonah’s attention through storms and a ride in the belly of a fish.  Jonah finally winds up in Nineveh.

Jonah preaches God’s message to the evil Ninevites and they tell God they are sorry. God forgives them.  Jonah is mad again.  This time it is because that God forgave the evil Ninevites.  He sulks under a tree.

God teaches Jonah a great lesson under that tree.  Jonah learns that God loves the whole world, not just His people.  In fact, God wants His people to be a blessing to the whole world just like Jonah has been to the Ninevites.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

Ask your children who is the most evil person in their school or neighborhood.  Ask them if they think God loves that person?  Make a plan with your children to pray for that person and show them the lovingkindness of God.  See if God doesn’t change the evil heart just like He did the Ninevites.

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