The Big Idea Of Joshua Is The Story Of Conquering The Promised Land

The Bible Book Of Joshua- Illustration

The Bible Book Of Joshua- Illustration

Following 40 years of wandering the desert in Numbers, God’s people finally enter and conquer the Promised Land in the book of Joshua.

After nearly 500 years, God’s special nation is going to receive the fulfillment of God’s promise made to Abraham back in Genesis 12:7; 17:8. They are going to go in and inhabit this special piece of land where they will worship and serve God and be a blessing to all.  

The story of Joshua has 2 major parts:

The establishment of a new leader.  Moses had picked Joshua to be his successor.  He would lead the 12 tribes across the Jordan river and into the land. Joshua followed God’s leading. 

Conquering their enemies and taking the land.  There were great walled cities throughout the land and giants who lived in the mountains.  The people learned that they would win the battles if they listened to God and followed Joshua.  For example when Joshua instructed them to march around the walls of Jericho 7 times the walls came tumbling down.  

Key New Testament Kids Application:

Remind your kids about the book of Joshua when they come up against ‘giants’ who stand in the way of them moving forward to conquer the tasks God has set out for them.  Opposition is not new, but God is faithful.  

Show them that they can trust God with their ‘giants’ and God will be there with them to slay those ‘giants’.  Keep a journal of how God has won battles in their lives.  Pull it out on their birthday or at the end of the year to reread how faithful God has been.  

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