The Big Idea Of Luke Is The Story Of Jesus The Man



Luke the doctor wrote about Jesus’ human side and emphasized that although Jesus was God, He was also a man.

Sure it is hard to relate to a God who feels far away in heaven.  Luke’s gospel reminds us that God came out of heaven and came to this earth to live as a man just like all of us.  That is why Jesus is called “The Son of Man” in Luke’s gospel.  He was the Son of God and a man at the same time.

Jesus had to deal with all of life’s problems just like we do.  He was born as a helpless infant and had to rely on human parents.  He had to live in a world filled with sickness, demons, unfaithful friends, hunger, rejection, lies and death.

Luke emphasizes how Jesus the man relied completely on His heavenly Father and overcame the world.  Jesus overcame the world not only for Himself but for all of us.  Luke 19:10 says, “For the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost”.  (NASB)  God sent His Son out of heaven to become a man so He could lead us men back into a relationship with our heavenly Father.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

  1. Most of us think of Jesus only as God and forget that He was human as well.  If you have a place where you measure your children as they grow, take them there and measure them and read with them Luke 2:52.  Remind them that Jesus had to grow up just like they do.  Ask what it means to them that Jesus had to live as a little boy and grow up.

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