The Big Idea Of Malachi Is The Story Of God’s Calling His People Back To A Passionate Relationship With Himself




God cares too much to let His people go through the motions of playing at worship. Instead calls them back to a passionate relationship with Him.

It has been 100 years since God brought His people back from captivity in Babylon.  Following the encouragement of Haggai to rebuild the temple and Nehemiah to rebuild the wall surrounding Jerusalem, God’s people have grown lazy.  They just play at worship and their hearts are far from God.

As a result, they have suffered a plague and famine and are questioning if God is still for them.

Malachi comes to bring God’s message of truth and love.

The truth is that these difficulties are a result of God’s people playing at worship and going through the motions of living for God.  Malachi calls God’s people back from cheating, stealing and pride to humble service before God.

The message of love is that God will welcome them back and restore and bless them.   

Malachi means “My Messenger” and that is why we called Malachi “The Messenger Prophet” in our children’s book, Hooked On The Book.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

  1. Anything our kids do repeatedly, like chores or homework, can become boring. Remind your kids that prayer and bible reading does not need to be like this.  Have your kids use their most excited voice and tell God something they care about in their lives. Encourage them to thank God that He is a part of this.  See if putting their heart into prayer doesn’t change the way they feel about God.

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