The Big Idea Of Matthew Is The Story Of Jesus The King



Matthew writes to Jewish (God’s Old Testament people) readers to convince them that Jesus is the King prophesied in the Old Testament.

It has been 400 years since the last prophet, Malachi, wrote. It is important to note that most Jews had been expecting a King who would take leadership of the nation immediately, throw off the Roman government and reestablish God’s people as the dominant force here on earth.

Matthew describes a new kind of King.  King Jesus has the credentials and authority of a King, but uses them to meet the needs of the poor and rich alike. He calls the people to a life of humility and devotion to God. Finally he is rejected and dies on a cross to save all people from their sins and to give them true riches in a relationship with God.

Matthew provides the biggest picture of Jesus’ life here on earth from his ancestry, birth, early days and all the way through to His death and resurrection.

Matthew gives the generations of Jesus and that He came from the royal line of David as the Jewish king should.

Matthew describes in detail the miracle of Mary’s conception by the Holy Spirit and the prophesied birth in Bethlehem in a manger.

Matthew describes Jesus’ baptism and God’s proclamation of Jesus being His Son.

Throughout His life, Matthew selects teachings and miraculous acts of Jesus that emphasize that Jesus is a King, but a new kind of King.

Finally, Matthew provides a view of Jesus death on the cross but also His triumphant resurrection and appearance to the disciples.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

  1. Show your children pictures or videos of a royal wedding and describe all the fanfare and media attention.  Now contrast this to the way Jesus was treated here on earth even though He was a King.  Tell them why Jesus allowed his death to happen even though He could have stopped it.  As our loving King, He did it to save us from our sins so we could enjoy His loving Kingship in our lives forever.

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