The Big Idea Of Nahum Is The Story Of God’s Judgment On Wicked Nineveh



God will not put up with sin forever and in this book called Nahum the great city of Nineveh is about to be judged for their sin.

Remember, in the book of Jonah, how evil Nineveh turned from their sin when Jonah preached to them and God forgave them? Well this is many years later and Nineveh is back to her evil sinning ways again.

Our prophet Nahum tells the Ninevites that they will not get a second chance to turn from their evil ways.  That is why we called Nahum “The No Second-Chances Prophet” in our book, Hooked On The Book.  Nahum describes how a great flood will come and an enemy army  will be able to enter the city and completely destroy it. Not only will Nineveh, the capital city of Assyria, be destroyed, but the whole country of Assyria will fall.

This encourages God’s people because the Assyrians have been their enemies for many years. By prophesying God’s judgment in this book called Nahum, God reminds His people that He is present and will take care of them.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

  1. Share a story with your children of when things were very difficult in your life you felt like God had abandoned you.  Then share how God came through and met your needs and reminded you that He had always been there.  Remind them that God is always present even when it doesn’t feel like it.

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