The Big Idea Of Nehemiah Is The Story Of Nehemiah Cheerleading The People To Rebuild The Wall Around The City



Nehemiah was called by God to cheerlead the people on to rebuild the wall surrounding the city of Jerusalem after they had rebuilt the temple. 

Nehemiah was still in captivity when he heard that the people in Jerusalem had rebuilt their temple but had not rebuilt the wall surrounding their city. He was concerned that without a wall God’s people were still in danger from their enemies. 

This broke Nehemiah’s heart because it made God look weak and because it left the people undefended. After praying to God, Nehemiah requested king Artaxerxes to release him to go back and help rebuild the wall. 

The king granted him his request and Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem to cheer God’s people on to complete the wall. They completed the wall in 53 days.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

Nehemiah reminds us that little sins can defeat us.  Ask your kids what breakdowns are in their walls? What sins have they allowed into their lives?  Pray with them for forgiveness and repentance. Become cheerleaders for your kids like Nehemiah.

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