The Big Idea Of Psalms Is The Story Of Real People Crying Out To God In Praise And Prayer

King David- Psalms Illustration

King David- Psalms Illustration

The Psalms teach us what real people said when they cried out to God prayer.

Eugene Petersen in his introduction to Psalms in The Message, wrote, “Most Christians… have learned to pray by praying the Psalms”.   The Psalms are not meant to be studied so much as to be experienced.  They reveal the heart of man in every situation and his response to God.  They reveal a path to God from wherever a person finds themselves.

Of the 150 Psalms, 73 were written by king David, 2 by Solomon and the rest by a variety of men.  Most were written during the times of David and Solomon.

The Psalms were written as Hebrew poetry using a variety of poetic styles. They display lamentation, anger, praise, trust, wisdom, repentance and every other human emotion. The Jewish people sang these poems out loud.  It was the hymnal of the God’s people.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

Teach your kids to pray by reading some Psalms out loud.  Select those that fit the human emotion your kids are feeling.  Remind them they are talking to God when they are reading.

Remind your kids that the longest book in the Bible is all about prayer.

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