The Big Idea Of Revelation Is To Encourage Persecuted Churches By Describing Christ’s Ultimate Victory



John wrote Revelation to 7 persecuted churches in order to encourage them by describing Christ’s return and ultimate victory over all sin.

John was exiled for his faith in Christ to the isle of Patmos.  He understood persecution.  John wrote to the churches to encourage them not to give up on their faith and not to lose sight of their love for Christ.

God gave John a vision of Christ’s future return and John used the vision to encourage the churches.

First John described the events that would lead up to Christ’s return.

Then John describes the actual triumphant return, the protection of church and judgment on unbelievers.

Finally John describes the new heavens and new earth and the eternal reign of Christ.  Even during this time of persecution the church has so much to look forward to.

Key New Testament Kids Application:

  1. Read Revelation 19:11-16.  Ask your kids to describe in their own words what it will look like when Christ comes charging out of heaven on a white horse.  Have them draw a picture of it.  Hang it on a wall by their bed.  When you pray with them at night, encourage them to tell Jesus how excited they are about His return.

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