The Big Idea Of The Song Of Solomon Is The Story Of True Love Between Solomon And His Bride

Song Of Solomon Illustration

Song Of Solomon Illustration

The Song of Solomon is a poetic song sung by Solomon and his ‘bride to be’ back and forth to describe their true love for one another.

All the way back in Genesis, God gave Eve to Adam because it was not good that Adam was alone.  They were designed to become one.  The Song of Solomon is a detailed description of the emotions and physical desires that accompany the union of a man and a woman in true love.

Back and forth the song goes as the Solomon and the Shulammite women describe the beauty of their lover and what it feels like when they are apart and when they are together.  This is the unity for which man and woman were created.

Some would see this book also as depicting God’s love for mankind, Christ’s love for His church, and the Christian’s love for God.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

We can’t remind our kids enough what true love and marriage were intended by God to be.  They are exposed to the world’s broken, deformed version every day.  Take some sections from this book on true love and describe God’s design for love and marriage.

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