The Big Idea Of Zechariah Are The Visions Of God Remembering His People And Future Blessings



God gave Zechariah visions to remind His people that He remembers them and will give them future blessings.

When God’s people had returned from captivity in Babylon, the temple had not been rebuilt and they were experiencing drought and poverty.  It was easy for them to believe that God had forgotten about them and didn’t care any more.

Zechariah prophesied during the same time as Haggai who encouraged God’s people to rebuild the temple. Zechariah means “God Remembers”.   Through the telling of a number of visions that God gives to Zechariah, he reminds the people that God has not forgotten them.

Zechariah gave the people visions of God forgiving them, protecting them, and blessing them. Finally Zechariah painted a vision of the future coming of the Messiah. He would be their forgiving king, in a final kingdom where God would come and live with them forever.

Because Zechariah painted word pictures of his visions we called him “The Artist Prophet” in our children’s book, Hooked On The Book.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

  1. Every child loves to read story books with pictures.  Remind your children that their lives are stories that God is writing every day.  After dinner tonight, have them draw a picture of something that happened today and have them tell the story.  Remind them that God is the author of their story and He loves them.

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