The Big Idea Of Zephaniah Is The Story Of God’s Final Judgment And Blessing Called “The Day Of The Lord”



Zephaniah tells God’s people to turn back to God because there is coming a day, called “The Day of the Lord”, when all the world would be judged for their sin and only the faithful would be saved.

Zephaniah gets right into God’s people’s faces and tells them that they need to repent right now because “The Day of the Lord” is near.  That is why we call Zephaniah the “In-Your-Face Prophet” in our book, Hooked On The Book”.

On “The Day of the Lord” all the nations will be judged for their sin including God’s people.  Zephaniah says the judgment will be severe and no one will escape except those who call on the name of the Lord for forgiveness.

For those who turn to God it will be a great day of blessing and worship.  They will shout with triumph because all fear, sorrow and shame be done away with by God.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:

  1. Remind your children that their sins have been forgiven by Jesus.  Take some instruments or noise makers and go outside. Now make some noise to celebrate  God’s forgiveness in our lives.  Tell God thank you with your words as well.  You may wake up your neighborhood to the greatness of God.

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