The Creation Of The World Video

Teaching the first Big Idea of the book of Genesis has to begin with how the world began. After all Genesis is the book of beginnings. We love this creation video because it very good for little kids and the music is very calm and soothing.

Imagine being there at the beginning of it all. Seeing how God created light and separated light from darkness. Then sky and land and seas. WOW! Kids can have the chance to envision the power of God. To create the earth from nothing. We love the graphic colorful images that don’t distract from the message. The music “The Ludlows” really brings all of these simple images together in a powerful way.

Teaching the Big Ideas of the book of Genesis can be fun. The only part that is a little sad about is how the video’s music ends so abruptly. They didn’t seem to get the timing right.  But that’s what you get for a free video. 🙂

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