The Easter Story By Carol Heyer, For Kids Ages 4-8

The Easter Story

We love reading lots of different Easter stories the week of Easter. It keeps our family thinking about the holiday’s significance. We found another great Easter story book called, “The Easter Story” that makes it easy for families to recap the whole Easter story.

Carol Heyer has retold and illustrated the event with wonderful acrylic paintings. She starts the story with the Christmas story and moves through Palm Sunday, the Last Supper all the way to the Resurrection.

Her paintings are drawn from live models. Her colors are vibrant and will hold a child’s attention. Her story is published by Ideals Publishers and is for ages 4-8 year olds.

This is a great book for a family to use in family devotions as the illustrations are large, very graphic with a limited amount of type on each page. A home church or small Sunday School would also love it.

Thank you Carol Heyer for sharing your artistic gift with us. Why not check out, “The Easter Story” with your family this Easter.

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