The Gift Of Repentance


When John the Baptist preaching, he preached a baptism of repentance.  Why?  Because God had showed him that turning away from our sins in repentance is the only means to turn towards God and to let God come into our lives.  He wanted to tell God’s people about one of God’s greatest gifts, repentance.

I have noticed recently, that as I draw closer to God, my conviction for sin comes quicker and my desire to repent, ask for forgiveness and to return to intimacy with God gets stronger.  The longer I let sin remain in my life, the more the tension builds up inside me.  I have 3 choices at this point.  One, let the sin stay and reject God’s conviction and push away from God. Two, believe a lie and try to explain away my sin as something other than what it really is.  Three, confess and repent and restore my relationship with God.

What scares me about our society and the church today is that we are selecting option two.  We are explaining away sin and believing the lie that if we can just call sin something else, it won’t inhibit our relationship with God.  That is a lie from the evil one and it started in the Garden.

My encouragement to your parents is that you demonstrate to your children a lifestyle of repentance.  Show them that repentance is a wonderful gift that God has provided because we all sin.  Help your kids practice repentance daily and show them how it draws them back into sweet fellowship with Jesus.  Repentance is one of God’s greatest gifts in our lives.

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