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Gospel Message

A great resource for simplifying the gospel for kids is proved by Truth Quest.  It has provided a simple summary of the history of the Bible starting with the creation of the earth leading until the prayer to accept Jesus in their hearts.  Check this link for the details of how to explain it.

This could be a great source for reading through before working with kids.  It allows you to be prepared for good conversations.  It could also be really great to read before talking to your kids about the message of gospel.

Having a conversation of the message of the gospel is an important conversation to have with your kids because it connects all the many messages they have heard in Sunday school.  It basically connects all the dots that they have been hearing for years so that they understand the full message of the Bible.

Thank you Truth Quest for this great explanation!

If you like what you read, check out our children’s book, Hooked on the Book, on this website. It is great for parents and kids because it provides the Big Story of God’s miraculous plan for His children in all 66 books in the Bible including colorful illustrations, rhymes and a surprise on every page.



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