The Importance Of Vacation Bible Schools

VBS programs

Looking for some fun activities for your kids this summer. We love vacation Bible schools (VBS). Many churches host these events each summer. Why not check them out with your kids. They are also a wonderful event to work at, for you get to see the lives of many kids come to know Jesus.

Kids can participate in Bible-learning activities, sing songs, play teamwork-building games, make treats and more. Family members and friends are encouraged to join in daily.

Many churches host their vacation Bible schools for free or a nominal fee. Why not call around your town and find out the theme of the vacation Bible schools that are being offered.

We know that there are many Christian Publishers like Gospel Light that spend lots of time designing fun programs for churches. Here is what Gospel Light says about the importance of a VBS program.

Why Is VBS So Important?

“Every summer churches have the opportunity to participate in one of the most effective and popular outreaches of the year: VBS!    It’s such a blessing to see how VBS makes a difference in the lives of children and their parents. Kids from church bring their unchurched friends to VBS, and the kids bring their parents. Together they’ll hear the life-changing message of God’s love and grace. For some, it’s the first time they’ve heard how much Jesus loves them and wants them to be a part of God’s family. Teaching kids about Jesus’ message of salvation is why VBS programs were created. If you want to reach kids and their parents for Christ, VBS is the best way to do it!”

There is still time. Hope you check out a VBS program for your kids this summer.

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