The Jesus Film

The Jesus Film

Ever heard of The Jesus Film? It is a great evangelism tool that tells the message of the gospel to people of many different cultures in their own languages! According to The Jesus Film website every 8 seconds someone becomes a Christian because of the film.  That is roughly 10,800 people per day, leading to 3.8 million per year! The film has been translated into 1,145 languages thus far

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This is such an incredible story and powerful tool being used today, I think it is worth it to share this movie with your children.  If you go to the website choose the language you want to watch it in, and then choose either the children’s version or the adult version.  Depending on your child’s age, the children’s version is probably a better option.

The quality of the movie is not the best and it is a bit corny in parts but if it is impacting lives throughout the world then it is worth a look!

The film follows Jesus’ life from birth till death, and then to his resurrection.  It is provides a helpful timeline for Jesus’ time on earth.

Check out The Jesus Film!

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