The Little Things Count To The Lord

Sometimes in life we think that if we are not missionaries in a foreign country and suffering for our faith then it we are not honoring God with our lives.  God says that the second greatest commandment is to

“Love your neighbor as yourself” -Mark 12:31

Here is a story that K-LOVE DJ Amanda Carroll shared about a person who did something small but it blessed their neighbor.

A restaurant owner received a phone-call.  It was from the nephew of a dying woman.  The woman’s last request before she was put on a feeding tube was that she wanted clam chowder from her favorite restaurant.  The problem was that at this restaurant clam chowder was only served on Fridays and it was a Tuesday.  The owner decide; however, to make the clam chowder anyways, and the women had 10 bites before she put on the feeding tube.

Even though the owner’s task was not that big, it still was a blessing for the old woman as well as the rest of her family, who got to watch her happily eat her last meal.  I think that sometimes God calls us to do big tasks for him, but sometimes he just wants us to love and serve those people around us well.

This story is a great teaching tool for kiddies because it teaches them that no task is too small for the Lord to receive praise from!

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