The Miracle And Meaning Of The Ascension, Part 2 – All The Miracles In The Bible For Kids


Today let’s focus on teaching kids a Bible miracle from the book of Acts.  The miracle of the ascension confirmed Christ’s victory over sin and all his enemies. (Acts 1:9-11; Ephesians 4:18; Psalms 68:18 )

In our sports obsessed world we are constantly told that victory is all important.  Where did this desire come from?  God put it there but for another reason.  Inside us we all know that we are losing the battle to sin and reaching the full potential of what we are supposed to be, but we want to be victors.  Christ’s ascension changed defeat into victory for the believer.

Ask the children…

Where did Jesus go when He ascended?

“When you ascended to the heights,
you led a crowd of captives.
You received gifts from the people,
even from those who rebelled against you.
Now the Lord God will live among us there.”
(Psalm 68″18 )

Jesus went back to heaven from where He had come to be with the Father.   What did He take with Him?

Jesus took captive every sin and evil force that were standing against God’s kingdom.  Like the triumphant entry of a king returning from battle, who would parade his captives before the people, Jesus returned triumphant to heaven.  He had defeated satan in his lair and brought down all evil and overcome all sin.

What does that mean for us today?

Like the triumphant king, not only would he lead the captives into the city, but he would bring gifts from his conquest and give them to the people; so Jesus has done by giving us the gifts of the Spirit as fruits of His victory so we can lead victorious lives.

Ask your children how they feel when they are victorious in a sporting event or have done well in school or some activity?  Tell them that they can feel that way every day since Christ has won His victory over all evil and is enforcing and celebrating that victory every day in heaven.  With Christ they are more than conquerors.  Plan a little celebration with them over this or celebrate each night at dinner when you pray for the food and thank Christ.

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