The Power Of Your Words

Positive words power

I am always amazed at the power that our words can have in other people’s lives.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.”  (Psalm 119:105)

This past weekend my wife and I set up a booth at a local church Christmas craft fair to sell our book, Hooked On The Book.  A woman found out that I was there and sought me out to share with me what my words had meant in her life.

Some 10 years prior I had been filling in and preaching a 4 part series on the power of prayer at her church.  She told me that she had been so impacted by my encouragement to pray and to listen for God’s voice and to respond to it no matter what that she decided to try it out.

God spoke to her that she was to go to Fuller Seminary to study for an advanced degree in preparation for future ministry.  She had no money and no prospect for a job in Los Angeles where Fuller is located.  By faith she moved and found a job, persevered and just this past year she graduated with a Masters in Christian Leadership.

She was so excited as she shared because of all the doors that were opening up for her to minister now that she has moved back to our town.  And she said it was all because God spoke to her through the words that He had given to me.

We don’t realize the power of the words that God has given us for others.  Ask your children what words they have spoken into others lives today or what words have been spoken to them that have impacted them.  Thank God together for the gift and the power of the spoken word.

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Jack Hagler is the co-author of Hooked On The Book. Jack loves to write, shoot hoops with his son, eat peanut butter and bananas, and encourage people to know God's love.
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