The Twelve Disciples Craft Idea

Bible Fun For Kids has come up with a great craft idea for learning about the twelve disciples.  How many people can actually remember the names of all 12? Not many I should think.  This craft allows for a creative way of keeping them all together, using egg cartons.

The Twelve Craft

Materials you will need:

1. Egg Carton

2. Print cut outs for each disciple- go to this website:

3. Markers

4. A Bible

What you will do is color in each of the twelve.  Then on the back of each disciple write his name and maybe a defining characteristic(ex.  Matthew- the tax collector).  Use your Bible to find details for each disciple.  Then once that is all finished, put each one of them in the egg carton.

This would make a great craft for sunday school and it could easily be made into a series over a month.  Focus on 3 disciples each week.  Read the stories about how they came to be a part of the disciples.  Then have them work on  drawing those three and adding them to the carton.  By the end of the month, who ever has all 12 memorized gets a special prize!

Thank you Bible Fun For Kids!

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  1. Pauline says:

    Thank you that was very helpful 🙂

  2. Gloria Sadler says:

    Great and very much appreciated

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