Things God Made

God has made all things.  He made you,  he made me, he made earth, he made our families, he is the creator of all.  Teaching kids this concept can be a slow process, full of a lot of questions.  “Did God make my dog?”  “Did God make my race car?” “Did God make this tree”.  To help in the teaching process making a “Things God Made” book could be really helpful!

Look at Busy Bee for the details on this booklet!

Things God Made

There are two ways to do this activity.
First way is to have your kids each receive empty booklets.  Tell them to draw whatever they want in the book.  At the end of the activity hand each kid a “Things God Made” label and have them glue it to the front.  This explains how God has done everything.

Second way is to hand each kids a “Things God Made” booklet.  Tell them to draw whatever they think that God made.  At the end of the time explain that God made these and more!

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