Three Ways To Teach Kids To Tap Into The Holy Spirits Power



Want to know another great thing about being a parent that is a Christian? We get to teach our kids about the Holy Spirit. How  after Jesus left the earth God sent His Holy Spirit to give us the power we need to live our lives to the glory of God. How awesome is that! Here are 3 ways we can do that.

  1. Our first suggestion is you read the book of Act to your kids over the course of a week (or however long it takes) at the dinner table. Talk about how excited those early Christians must have been when they saw God’s Holy Spirit come into the room like a fire. Talk about how the Holy Spirit changed the life of a man named Paul from being a persecutor of Christians to one to the great leaders of the early churches, What a radical change. Talk about all of the things that God’s Spirit did in Acts.
  2. Talk about the importance of our will power to do something versus what happens when the Holy Spirit comes into our lives and gives us His extrodinary power to glorify God. We don’t have to live this Christian life in our will power but in the Holy Spirit’s power.
  3. Help your kids to step out in faith to do things for God. Encourage them to keep a journal to see how God’s Holy Spirit guides them, empowers them, and brings other people along to get God’s work done. The more we talk about the Holy Spirit and thank God for His power and support, the more we see the Holy Spirit working in our lives. Make it normal to share ” Holy Spirit Stories” around your family dinner table.

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Hooked on the book -First Chapter from Liz and Jack Hagler on Vimeo.


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