Three Ways To Turn Your Teenagers Off From Being Interested In God?



What a funny thing to write an article about when our goal is to turn our kids on to God. Sometimes we can focus so hard on that goal that we can actually turn them off.  Here are three things to think about:

1. Spending all of our time hovering around them and focusing on how they aren’t performing for God correctly is a sure way to reduce their chance of loving God.
Instead spend your time enjoying God, His word, His community of believers, and His work in your life. Share that joy daily around your kids.

2. Telling them how they should interpret everything they learn in church. Why not ask them questions and let them open up with different thoughts. Respecting their chance to have independent thoughts on God and let them see how that works out in their life.  People grow close to someone when they think they are loved and have freedom in the relationship. God treats us like that.

3. Being freaked out about their rebellious moments. Instead believe that they are in a learning process with God. God give us all the freedom to make stupid choices. He provides the consequences that send us back to Him. Skip the anger and threats with our kids when they mess up instead respond calmly with a natural consequence.

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2 Responses to Three Ways To Turn Your Teenagers Off From Being Interested In God?

  1. kimmie says:

    This is a super wise post. Love number 3, though with a recent rebellious teen, I definitely didn’t ‘not freak out.’ Will try to remember these as I continue to raise up and coming teens.

    Blessings upon you!
    mamato 8
    One homemade and 7 adopted

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