Tim Tebow He Loves His Bible Verses So Much He Wears Them In His “Eye Black.”



Taking your bible verses with you in whatever you do in life, now that is living. The Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow appears to be doing  just that.

Check out his father’s website Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association. His father tells how in each game in his son’s collegiate career Tim wore a bible verses on his “eye black” (the black patches that football players put under each eye to reduce glare) as he played the game.

In 2008 he put Philippians 4:13 onto “eye blacks” claiming Christ’s strength to do all things. He must have really had a passion that God would use this verse to empower him as he played the game. Now that is really claiming the power of God over a life circumstance.

We celebrate his passion for God’s word and his practical application to live it out. We also celebrate how he shared his faith with others in the work that God has given him to do.  Check out his dad’s website and you will be amazed as he didn’t just pick short verses to write on those “eye blacks.”


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