Tim Tebow’s Prayer Partner

Tim Tebow, backup quarterback for the jets, recently shared that he has a prayer partner who he chats on the phone with regularly.  His friend is a great encouragement for him because he challenges him to live rooted in the word.

“He’s someone I pray with.  He’ll ask me: ‘Hey, did you get in the Word today? Were you praying today?’ I have him because I need someone who is always investing in me, you know?”- Tim Tebow (The Associate Press)

To read more about Tim Tebow’s prayer partner and his commitment to Christ check out this website:


Tim Tebow’s career is a great story to share with your kids.  He is an excellent football player but more importantly he is living his life devoted to Christ.  If your kids are really into football then having them read more about Tebow’s journey could be a great role model.

This article about Tebow’s prayer partner is really important because it shows children that in life there are distractions, so it is a good idea to find someone who will help you remember what is most important- pursuing Christ.

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