To Compare Is To Despair

God Love You

Our children are constantly being compared to other children in their school achievements, athletic endeavors, music abilities, looks and everything else you can imagine.  What I have learned however in my time here on earth is that “To Compare is to Despair”.

There will always be someone smarter, or faster, or prettier or better at whatever you choose to compare yourself or your children.  Our society is set up for comparison.  We are all so insecure, we want to be at least better than someone else.  We want to be better than average.  We strive and work always with an eye out there for whatever the other guy is doing.  My son just called from a conference and told me he met someone with a 5.0 GPA who took 6 AP classes and played football and volleyball.  “To Compare is to Despair”.

Who says that these standards of comparison are the ones that really matter.  Jesus said in John 13:36, “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” This is what God is interested in our lives.  Are we lovers of other.  And the beauty of this is that it is difficult to compare with others.  God is a lover.  It is His primary characteristic.  Therefore, since He lives inside us, He wants us to be lovers.

So make that the aim around your house, loving others just as Jesus has loved us.  In the end, what else really matters?  All the other accolades and accomplishments will fade and tarnish, but love never fails.  Therefore make it a point to encourage and praise them for acts and attitudes of love at least as much as other accomplishments.  Don’t get caught in the comparison trap, you have a much more important calling for you and your children.

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